Help Chuck the Sheep fly to freedom!

Chuck and his flock get shaved after each Winter, but not this year! Chuck needs your help escaping the farm and is taking to the skies on his homemade aircraft. While he won't get far at first, that cheeky little sheep is resilient and will help you by collecting resources. All you have to do is fly!

With 4 lands to travel over and dangerous obstacles to overcome, Chuck has his work cut out for him! Upgrade his aircraft's wings and other parts to send his ship further. Who knows… make it far enough and you just might make it to freedom!


Chuck the Sheep in the Press

Chuck the Sheep is un-baah-lievable
Oh no! Things have gone from baaad to worsted! Danger looms, and he might dye if he doesn’t get the sheep outta here. He’s got miles to go before he sheeps, but fortunately, Chuck is bleating the competition.

This game is more than just sheep thrills
I won’t pull the wool over your eyes, this game is great. Out of a shear lack of creativity, I can’t think of any flash game that’s better than Chuck the Sheep. It’s really leading the flock, and requires almost no RAM memory.

Chuck the Sheep should get a Lamb-bor-ghini
Flying is good, but ewe would find it a totally different game if Chuck was driving… though hopefully he wouldn’t fall a sheep at the wheel. Though he's probably a fast driver, a real wolf in sheep's clothing.

Oh, Chuck, wool ewe marry me?
I only have eyes for ewe. Since I played this game, I got a new fleece on life. I don’t give a lamb, I think this game is baa-riliant. Sheep do indeed go to heaven.

And always remember...
Ewe take the good, ewe take the bad, ewe take the rest and there you have the flocks of life.